During the exceptional state due to the sars-cov-2 outbreak, the teachers and students of the Scientific Python class from the Master's Degree in Automatic Control And Robotics of 2020 are proposing a joint project to help into the research of the disease. From October 2020, this project was carried on by two students under the UPC sponsorization.

The goals of this project are: a) to build a chatbot capable of gathering voluntary data from patients and carers, b) to organize, curate and analysis this data on a AI system, c) return useful data to users


The structure of the project covers the following blocks:

  • Specificaton What does the system do.
  • Database Storage Design and Use of a Mongo noSQL database to store data.
  • Chatbot Interface Asynchronous scheme for interaction with users. Definition of state machine in the interaction. Hosted by Telegram (https://github.com/aiogram/aiogram, https://docs.python.org/3/library/asyncio.html)
  • Machine learning Develop an algorithm from a set of audios capable of classification (i.e. Tensorflow). The system can be tested with a set of sample audios made by the class emulating two kind of coughing (https://github.com/tyiannak/pyAudioAnalysis, https://github.com/jsingh811/pyAudioProcessing).
  • Documentation, dissemination. Creation of a dynamic website programmatically through python (using flask or django, flask is simpler). Ideally parts of the website could connect to the db to show statistics of the system as a small dashboard. Creation of contents, code documentation (https://docs.python-guide.org/writing/documentation/, https://www.djangoproject.com/start/, https://flask.palletsprojects.com/, with flask you can integrate dash https://plotly.com/dash/) .
  • Privacy and ethics Review legal framework, code a module which recruits and provide legal information and coverage of the project(https://gdpr-info.eu/, support from b2slab and CREB-UPC).
Former Teams

  • Machine learning. Matthias, Christoph, Andrine, Brenda, Pauline, Thibault, Eric
  • Database and system admin.Florian, Christian, Anton , Chrisse and Levente.
  • Website, flask/django and dissemination. Magali, Gerard, Nenzi and Krystof
  • Chatbot. Victoria, Julian, Alex, Eric
  • Privacy and Ethics. Max, Maureen,Nenzi
  • Project Management: Brenda
Teachers: Alexandre Perera, Manel Velasco

Current delopers

Daniel Marin, Guillem Bonilla.

Teachers: Alexandre Perera, Jordi Fonollosa.